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Client Testimonials

"Roberta's work has had a profound impact on me both personally and professionally. Her understanding of energy work and shamanic practices allowed me to approach experiences in new helpful ways that I was able to take with me through other walks of life. Personally, this resonated strongest to me in how I approach perceived challenges. Roberta helped me find shifts in perspective that increased my ability to meet challenges forhead on and in an empowered stance.
Additionally, her teaching offered me so much that I could take to my work as a physical therapist and bodyworker. It helped unfold a whole extra layer of work that I could bring to assist my clients. I no longer can imagine working without the perspective and scope that Roberta's classes opened for me." 
                                                                                                                                                                  Adam B.

"After looking for someone with experience in dealing with trauma and following several recommendations from different sources, I chose Roberta Jones.  I had been victimized in an abduction event when I was 15.  I thought I had dealt with the many ramifications of that event when I was younger but had been surprised by a flash-back experience 50-years later that was frightening.  I worked with Roberta to look deeper into how that event in my youth informed my life, my sense of self and ultimately, relationship decisions.  Her compassion tempered with depth, a broad knowledge base and years of therapeutic experience were just what I needed.   I emerged from my years with her feeling confident in my own abilities and with tools to use as I continue on my life journey."


 "Although I was not interested in becoming a Shaman, as a cancer patient, I took the Shamanic training with Roberta in an effort to heal myself.  I had studied my disease and carefully chosen my best conventional treatment option.  While western medicine works with the body, it does nothing with the mind.   I wanted to travel into myself to shed light and energy into any places that seemed blocked. Roberta offered me just what I needed.  After we talked, I decided on several rituals that helped my reach my goal.  Her knowledge base, attention to detail and thoughtful post-ritual probing helped me formulate some changes, tweak some perceptions and inevitably helped me attain an over all sense of well-being and the feeling I had covered all my bases."


                                                                                                                                                                                 Susan R. 


"I experience Roberta as a grounded, loving, and compassionate companion on my journey of healing and transformation.  She has deep understanding of the life of the heart and soul, and she offers profound gifts as a therapist, wisdom keeper, shamanic healer, teacher, and poet.  Roberta guides with insight, wisdom, love, and humor.  Roberta's Medicine Wheel classes transmit her shamanic knowledge and empowered me to take the lessons further into my own life."

                                                                                                                                                                              Anne D.


"I believe my progress mentally, physically, and spiritually has improved tremendously due to the work done between Roberta

Jones and myself.  The energy sessions allowed necessary clearing of stagnant, burdensome emotions that I was unable to clear on my own.  Roberta helped me to get familiar with the power I had within me.  She helped me see how much strength

I had and taught me to better nurture myself.  She encouraged me to seek activities that bring me joy and to get in touch with parts of me I had neglected for most of my life."

                                                                                                                                                                           Danielle B.

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