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Perhaps you grew up hating

whites or blacks, Asians, Latinos,

Christians, Jew, Muslims, or Buddhists,

young or old, men or women,

fat or thin, rich or poor.

Or maybe hate grew later in your life,

metastasized while you were looking

for someone or something to blame

for your fear, or the gnawing hunger

in your belly or your mind.

Maybe you hate the Germans for their crimes,

or the Japanese, the Americans, the Turks,

Russians, Serbians, the Chinese, Palestinians, Israelis,

the Dutch, Spaniards, Portuguese--you see

the list of crimes and criminals is endless.

If you think about where we come from,

perhaps you believe in a God, or many gods

that created everything,

and everyone a part of him or her or them;

what do I know? Or maybe you believe we evolved

from one thing to another until finally becoming human

in Africa--yes, all starting out

the same color from the same place.

Some say we were seeded from another place--

Sirius, the Dog Star, or the Pleiades--but even then

take it back and we are all the stuff of stars.

Take it back to the beginning of us,

then take it back to the beginning of life

in all forms--animal, plant, mineral--

then take it back to the beginning of light.

In every stage along the way,

from the Big Bang to the present,

two things emerge

as evident of the process of life:

One is the vast diversity of form;

and the other is the oneness we come from

that always was and always will be.

And the universal language

that bridges the infinitesimal gap

between diversity and oneness

is compassion--the ability to see yourself in the other

and to enfold or take in with caring--

the antithesis of hate,

which is love.

This time is not a mistake

or an aberration. It is the culmination

of our struggle, our story evolving

out of separate, of us and them,

breaking away from our fate

and opening our hearts and minds

to our destiny. Our task

is to love what hates,

to understand it in ourselves

and others, and to invite it in

from the cold, dark place where it's been hiding.

This was always the task,

to invite our shadow into the light, to breathe in

the possibilities or our divinity.

Prepare to be inspired.

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