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Updated: Jul 3, 2018

What if there is no ‘I’?

Does the water droplet regret merging

into the river, lake, ocean?

Each body has its own essence.


The river flows, ever gathering

and discarding, somewhere to go,

something to become,

directional movement.

The essence of river is purpose.


The lake sits in peace.

Changes are still taking place,

but stillness radiates. The lake is accepting,

forgiving, containing and replenishing.

Lake is the essence of reflection.


The ocean waits and calls for mergence.

The ever-present mother, she beckons us

beyond our fears of the dark, the unknown,

the great oneness of all life.

We cannot fight it, her birth waters

spill out in our tears, evidence of her claim.

Her beauty mesmerizes the strongest of us,

even at the risk of being lost at sea.

The essence of ocean is destiny.


Let me drop into river. Let the rivers of life

flow through me, the blood of the mother

driving me forward, keeping me alive

to play out my purpose—my soul’s story.

Let me drop into lake that I might access

the core of peace in my depths, no matter what storms

surround me. Let me learn to contain and forgive

in acceptance and true reflection of what is,

to be still enough to find the sources to replenish.

Let me drop into ocean. Let me pass through my fear

and bear in mind coming home not as loss, of this ‘I’ that I cling to,

but as revealing the greater ‘I’ that I never left.

Just as a droplet of water is revealed as ocean,

let me recall my wholeness.

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