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Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Imagine the possibility that one unintended result

of the 300+ years of white men acting in part

out of a submerged fear of the truth of their own African origins,

stealing African families in order to subjugate them

to less-than-human slavery and all the tragedies,

horrors and sacrifices that entailed,

suppose that one unintended outcome was the establishment

of a new culture, spiritual consciousness

and connectivity to nature that helped restore

the annihilation of those beliefs and practices

of the Native Americans trampled

as far into the ground as possible—

never realizing that the ground was and is

the sacred element for mulching and rebirth

that it is.

Taking into account the 400+ years of work

to survive the involuntary scattering, to heal,

to replace self-abnegation with self-love and honoring of ancestry,

and even while fear and hatred continue to resist,

to claim a rightful place in the sharing of society,

including the election of a black president

with righteous dignity beyond reproach,

consider that that restoration brought about a flailing backlash

of such proportion as to attempt a set back

in the progression of the positive forces of change at play.

And here, we have to ask if there is something more for us to learn,

something about inclusiveness, about our own fear

and repercussions, about perception and sides,

separation vs. integration, us vs. them,

understanding vs. judgment.

Imagine the possibility that inherent in the sacrifices

of those black ancestors, of all of our ancestors,

there exists a soul agreement that plays a vital role

in ushering in the dreams of oneness, harmony,

wholeness, reverence for all of life

and the lifting of the veil—aka: apocalypse—

of our times.

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