Roberta Jones

Alternative Therapy
Shamanic Energy Practitioner
Teacher / Psychotherapist / Poet

This time is the culmination of our struggle,

breaking away from confines of our fate

and opening our hearts and minds

to our destiny. 

Our task is to love what hates,

to understand it in ourselves and others,

and to invite it in from the cold, dark place where it's been hiding. 

This was always the task,

to invite our shadow into the light,

to breathe in the possibilities of our divinity. 

Prepare to be inspired. 


Roberta Jones is a Shamanic Energy Medicine practitioner, poet, teacher and a psychotherapist with 30 years of experience.  Roberta has studied Shamanism in many cultures, and in 2007 she graduated The Four Winds Healing the Light Body School.  Since then, she has traveled to Peru several times to work and study with Andean Shamans and Shamans of the Amazon rain forest. 

Roberta treats clients near and far in her energy medicine practice and her psychotherapy practice.  She also offers several different classes, including a four-part Andean inspired Medicine Wheel Initiation.

Roberta Jones